event 01. interactions, experience & sentience

New York was filled with many happenings this past summer that brought people together. These of course ranged from concerts on water fronts to great movies in the park.  One happening that took shape was organicMobb’s event 01. ; ‘a kinetic installation and creative show case event’.

Over 60 creative and non-creatives alike came together in Brooklyn, New York to talk, discuss, listen and to share an evening. This was the first of organicMobb events where the goal is to highlight the work of select creatives while creating an original atmosphere via dynamic installation. These events serve as inspiring, inventive, new ways to use simple elements of material, space, light and sound to create brand new experiences and environments. These experiences serve as pieces unto themselves as well as creating  4-dimensional back-drops to allow for the presentation of selected creatives’ work.

event 01. featured a candid conversation between film director, Brian Gonzalez and organicMobb founder, Dave Irwin. ‘It Can’t Be True’, a piece of Gonzalez’s that is about the paradox of a blind woman and her own interpertive understanding of just what is her own reality truly is, was shown as Gonzalez and Irwin then began to open up the dialogue a bit further; all the while a tensile installation hovered above the ground composed solely of string and triangulated paper panels.

Artist Raul Bussot’s projections froze moments within New York City, filling the installation with altuistic life for all who experienced it; questioning the spacial prescence of the physical and where it’s extents exist, if present at all; thus creating new interpertations of surface as images were sheared into fragments upon contact with the physicality of the installation.

Dee-Jay 523b along with Wonsch and Michael Caton soothed the soul with auditory productions that made possible the presence of the installation even with the eyes closed and the ears astute for one’s own beautiful experience.

Designer, Eric Moed caught the eye with his graphic signage on the gallery walls. His images brought a refreshing touch of ethereal deviation from the organicMobb norm, evoking a sense of balanced tension. Also, having spearheaded coordination of the entire event, Moed’s work allowed the experience of the evening to unfold.

Most importantly, and perhaps what will be most remembered from event 01. was that the mind was stimulated, questions were raised and possibilities and implications of spacial construct were investigated. The possibilities to the trajectory of organicMobb events is quite simply, endless. Perhaps we will have to wait for the next event; rumored to be slated for this up coming spring, to see what new ideas are being cooked up.

To view all the images from event 01. visit organicMobb’s flickr account

Words by, Charles  Prouve, writer




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