Contributor: Geoff Manaugh

Creative Discipline: Writing, Publishing

Location: Los Angeles, California



Geoff is currently teaching at the USC School of Architecture, and has been consistently writing beautiful pieces on his blog, for over six years. Geoff has shared with us a piece entitled The Structure from his 2009 publication, The BLDG BLOG Book. Enjoy.


The Structure

An indestructible foam, resistant even to nuclear explosions, is developed by the Department of Energy to contain radioactive spills: When a nuclear power plant melts down you simply spray it with this foam-and voilà. It locks into place, sealing the site away from humans-away from all living tissue for ten thousand years.

One day, though, a massive shipment of foam is being taken out of Los Angeles by train when the pressurized cars containing it rupture. There is an explosion; the foam sprays everywhere, coating buildings, raining down onto cars and pedestrians; and it hardens within mere seconds.

Resistant to saws, fire, blunt force, and bombs, the site becomes known as The Structure. It is a huge, white web of hardened foam- and it will outlast human civilization. Families take tours of it; Greenpeace makes posters of it as a cautionary tale; architecture studios map its complicated arches, inspiring buildings as far away as Mumbai. It is the 8th Wonder of the World, some people say as they drive by, snapping photographs.

organicMobb thanks Geoff Manaugh for his permission to re-publish The Structure. For more of his writing please visit


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