moed + schulman

Contributor: Eric Moed + Brian Schulman

Creative Discipline: Architecture

Location: Brooklyn, NY


As the summer comes to a close, we can all reminisce about what we did or perhaps did not get a chance to do during these past few months. Eric Moed and Brian Schulman entered a competition entitled, Sukkah City. Sukkah City was a calling for architects and designers alike to design a sukkah for Union Square, NYC.  Though their project, Crowd Cloud didn’t make it into the winners circle, their project is a testimony to the sukkah and what they call, “…a lens that fuses the historical ideal of unity and connectivity in an inviting, inspiring, contemporary structure.”

The Crowd Cloud was conceived through a surprise. After a dinnercentered around a review of the laws of the Sukkah, it was clear that areinterpretation of the typical ‘boxlike’ Sukkah was totally ‘kosher!’ The circle best represents the combination of traditional thought and contemporary practice. Geometry in the round unifies, is equal from allsides, and most importantly easy to approach. This proposal takes its name, and ephemeral building envelope from the Cloud of Glory that guided and sheltered the Israelites in the desert. The primary structure consists of two rings of different sizes- the larger provides support for theabove s’chach. This move directs the focus of the Sukkah to the s’chach and ultimately the sky. The Cloud Shroud paneling system enables the Sukkah to have a dynamic porosity aimed at allowing individuals to observe the inner Sukkah activities and join in! The s’chach ‘floats’ on aspiro graphed net, complete with an oculus, allowing the Sukkah’s inhabitants to view the stars. The Sukkah is 100% kosher, as our team consulted rigorously with a Rabbi and felt it important to reinterpret, while maintaining the rules. With the help of an engineer, we ensured that the Sukkah is wind-resistant and easily assembled. We look forward to inviting the ‘crowd’ to experience the unique concepts behind the holiday of Sukkot in the Crowd Cloud: a lens that fuses the historical ideal of unity andconnectivity in an inviting, inspiring, contemporary structure.

[perspective rendering, Crowd Cloud]

[interior armosphere, Crowd Cloud]

[bird's eye view, Crowd Cloud]

[final board, Crowd Cloud]
check out some more of their work:
Brian Schulman
Eric Moed

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