Contributors: Filipe Sampaio + Olavo Machado Neto

Creative Discipline: Product Design

Location: Belo Horizante, Brazil


organicMobb met Cucampre at the 2010 ICFF in New York City. There is something to say about good design.  As Dieter Rams, former Design Director for Braun once said, “…the user reacts positively when things are clear and understandable.

Cucampre has done just that. They have offered a new intuitive solution for putting away one’s keys. The lines within the piece act as miniature armatures  accommodating all of those small tools we use everyday- our keys.

One might say that the key hook is a place to just stash your keys- Cucampre have turned that into an experience. Check out what Olavo Machado Neto has to say as we caught up with him at ICFF.

[ key holder(s), large size with laser cut images]

OM: We are here at the 22nd annual International Comtemporary Furniture Fair at the Javitz Center. Can you tell us a little about what you have brought and perhaps what it is that you make.

[ key holders + hooks, table display ICFF 2010] photo organicMobb

OLAVO: We tried to design a key holder that people would want to put on display in their home. Something like a work of art- perhaps it is a bit protencious [laughs], but hey that is our goal.

We wanted to give people freedom to make their own compositions with colors and different cut-out drawings. It’s about personalizing each key holder the way that someone might want to.

The original piece was made of steel and we sold some, however when deciding to come to New York we changed it to aluminium because it’s lighter and easier to transport.

[ key holder, removing your car keys]

We also have a line of furniture- coffee tables and seating using recycled, how do you say- from the tires? The inside part-

OM: The rim!

OLAVO: You know the part where you pump it-

OM: Ah the tubes, the tire’s tubes- Are they from bicycles?

OLAVO: No, from trucks- big chairs made from recycled tubes and rope.

OM: So you’re interested in furniture and product?

OLAVO: We also have a LED lamp we designed.

[ Asa LED Lamp, photo via]

OM: OK- so furniture, product and lighting.

OLAVO: We are interested in designing for the home.

OM: How did Cucampre become a collaboration between yourself and Filipe?

OLAVO: Filipe owns a very good company in Brazil that has equipment for laser cutting and automatic folding of metals. I showed him my designs and agreed to do it. Now we are partners in Cucampre

OM: Looking at New York, do you forsee any other future interest here?

OLAVO: I would love to design for other companies not only to sell my products, but my main goal as a designer is to get my work out there with other companies. And this [ICFF] is the biggest place we could have come to. Perhaps here along with Salone del Mobile in Milan.

OM: That was great, thank you for this interview Olavo.

Please check Cucampre out on their website,


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