Contributor: Anthony Caradonna

Creative Discipline:  Architecture

Location:  New York, New York


e c o n o m y    o f    d e s i g n     _  Anthony Caradonna is a designer and architect that has ran the gauntlet. Designing complex building proposals to revitalize the economy torn city of Detroit while displaying an acute sensitivity within lighting design, he flexes his design prowess at all scales. I met Anthony over two years ago at Pratt Institute where he is an associate professor.  His work emanates his simplistic dogma;  ” It’s about doing more with less” , as he says. He goes on to say,  ” It all begins with the a sketch and then goes from there”. The Mobb caught up with Caradonna in New York to ask him some important questions about his practice  O P U S   X   LLC, check it out.

[ proposal for Detroit Cadillac Center, rendering by 3digraphics ] 

O M : OPUS X , when did it all begin?

[ Bar Solex - NYC, wine rack detail] 

A. C a r a d o n n a : OPUS X LLC Began and was incorporated in 2007 to create an independent interdisciplinary creative studio to work both on personal, professional and curated collaborative projects with selected team partners.  This grew out of my long standing interest and belief in inderdisciplinary art and design projects and pedagogies and my interest in creative collaborations on which my professional work is based. OPUS X LLC was founded to expand from a local practice based in NYC and its surroundings to bridge the work also being done in Puglia, southern Italy and create a studio axis across the Atlantic.


O M : Why does good design matter?

[ Bar Solex - NYC] 

A. C a r a d o n n a :Tools and expression are essential to human existence and endeavor.  Design is the confluence of ideas and performance, expression and use.  We could not define, engage or construct our sense of ourselves and our place in the universe without art and design practices to enact our essential identities and purpose.  Good design matters and the best designs sustain, outlive and outlast their original intentions.


O M : OPUS X has designed at multiple scales, from an addition on a Richard Meier building to custom furniture;  what is your take on operating within such a range?

[ modular wall partition, client: cardboardDesign] 

A. C a r a d o n n a : Working in multiple scales has been a mandate of architecture and certain cultures focused on the telescoping and integrating scales of design applications.  Architecture and design are metaphors for each other.  Ideas can be developed at different scales and perform in different, independent and interrelated ways.  Within the same space or environment, an idea can become different designs at multiple scales addressing specific local and holistic ranges.  When a design is legible, usable and meaningful to a broad range of end users over time and at different scales, it validates itself.  Working from the detail to the city as a range of possible inquiry and application allows for “total design” opportunities.

My creative discipline can be defined as being founded in drawing + painting, ideas and materials, informed profoundly by architectural practices, incorporating influences and partnerships with other disciplines and collaborators from the world of art, design and crafts.  My creative mission is to attempt to create an inventive holistic fusion of existing materials, ideas and applications that can address and create a more nuanced and fitted embrace between function, material and experience.  This fit can happen in infinitely rich and new ways based on simple experiments of embracing limits formulating questions to maximize latent potentials of components and partners.


O M : What are you working on now?

[ villa spadino, Puglia,Italia] 

A. C a r a d o n n a : Right now we are working on a few house and villa projects in Puglia, southern Italy, (a very slow and prolonged process), pattern structure designs for a multidisciplinary silk screening project, prototypes for ornaments and jewelry made from recycled and reclaimed materials, and some new lighting design ideas.


O M : What is next for OPUS X?

A. C a r a d o n n a : What is next for OPUS?  We are working on refining a range of drawings and objects to be included in a new website collaborative to launch an interdisciplinary site for supporting, and celebrating artists’ and designers’ works that are based on sustainable themes and practices.
O M : Closing remarks?
A. C a r a d o n n a : Architecture, art and design continue to be inspiring and joyful acts that help me address creativity as a playful challenge applicable to personal and professional endeavors.  Working in collaboration with others permits the creative process to blossom exponentially.

O M : Thanks Anthony we appreciate the inspiration.

A. C a r a d o n n a : Ciao !


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