prattInstitute + romaTre

Contributors: Antonio Agresti, Jessica Becker, Michael R.V. Cabrera,  Evan Cronly, Dave Irwin, Fabio Maiolin, Simone Orso, Marta Rodrigues                           + NEXT Architetti (Roma)

Creative Discipline: Architecture

Location: ( Mattatoio )Roma, Italia


A one week charette forces you to act quickly and precisely. This past week Pratt Institute and Roma Tre teamed up in an International Design Workshop to design a pedestrian footbridge to span the Tibre River. Students from Pratt Institute and Rome Tre worked together within 3 separate groups designing a temporary pedestrian bridge incorporating the ruin of  the Ponte Rotto. The three main goals within this coupling of academic methodologies were design, context and engineering. The short time frame presented quite a challenge. Here is one of the 3 groups that participated. Three internal proposals were considered and one was decided upon and presented as the final proposal. Each speaks about a different concept within the site.

proposal 1 – the double functions of structure and concept

Our team’s final proposal intertwines the structural demands of the span as well as the concept of revealing the island to the user. The compression member acts as a catalyst to privilege a view of the island as one walks toward the center of the first span. Hinge points are added to allow the bridge to float in a controlled manner- working with the rising flood waters.

structural system force diagram

conceptual entrance montage
floatation system diagrams

proposal 2- framed views
The key to this early proposal was the ability to create various moments leading up to the passage onto the Tibre Island. The Ponte Rotto acts as a piazza for relaxing and taking in the view of the Tibre. Entrance onto the bridge is permitted at two levels- the street and riverside.

proposal 3- choice direction
This early internal proposal takes on the context of the Ponte Rotto by looking at  historical adjacencies as well as present day infrastructural  cues. Three opportunities for entry allow the user to enter via the historic Forum Borium, the riverside or at roadside. This gives the highest opportunity for peoples to cross the Ponte Rotto.


4 responses to “prattInstitute + romaTre

  1. Great work! I’m really happy that there are opportunities for such rich and interesting projects! Keep up the good/interesting work out there in Roma. [and dont forget what ludwig mies van der rohe says “don’t be interesting, be good.”] We miss you!

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