Contributors: Ajmal Aqtash + Richard Sarrach  

Creative Discipline: Architecture

Location: NYC, New York


Architecture is at a turning point. The field of architecture has many creative minds working diligently night after night to bring resolution to the next conundrum. The current issues being tackled touch virtually anything and everything within our world. The question is, how can we define architecture today and from where exactly does it come? Perhaps if you were to pose this question 15 years ago the answer would be a bit simpler.  Ajmal Aqtash and Richard Sarrach open up that dialogue with  Looking at technological innovation via engineering, fashion, marketing and a slue of other creative fields their site acts as a feeder for what currently is happening in the world of design from the inside -out. Most recently they have conducted an interview with the architect/designer William Katavolos. William speaks about what is next for architecture and his life work thus far with The Center for Experimental Structures (CES). For more on William please check out core.formula .

[ all interviews have been performed by core.form-ula  ]

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