Contributor: Mandi Fawn Phillips

Creative Discipline: Photography

Location: Brooklyn, New York


Photography is a discipline that is processed visually. It can be said that 3/4 of persons in North America and Europe own a camera. Perhaps this amount is even higher do to the advent of digital cameras being integrated into mobile phones and apple products. What all this means is that there are thousands upon thousands of photos being taken everyday. This over abundance of imagery forces the photographers of today to work even harder to create great work. With this in mind one can truly appreciate Mandi’s work on a level that forces the viewer to participate. Her work creates emotive situations that allow the mind to construct the stories tied to these images. Mandi lives, works and studies in Brooklyn, New York. Enjoy.

[mickey, digital print]

[tip me over and pour me out, digital print]

[metamorphosis, digital print]

[fi, digital print]

[the enlightenment, digital print]

[the calling, digital print]

For more work by Mandi Fawn Phillips click here


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