archer de la fontaine

Contributors: Michael Archer, Raphael de la Fontaine

Creative Discipline: Architecture

Location: Rome, Italy – Brooklyn, New York


Michael Archer and Raphael de la Fontaine have been working together for roughly a year. Here is the latest project they have completed in their fall 400 level studio at Pratt Institute. Currently there are several speculative projects on the table where their collaborative efforts have landed on fertile soil on multiple continents.

Michael and Raphael have an acute ability to make the computer do things that most can not. Michael sees architecture as being about relationships, nothing more and nothing less. I caught up with Michael in Rome and we decided to only share a few sentences from our seemingly endless conversations. Michael discussed with me the initial development of the professional connection he and Rafael established within the past few years at Pratt Institute.He goes on to speak about the relationship between objects and their iterative generation and the parallels that they share with building personal relationships. Michael says, ” [Relationships] have the ability to surpass the studio proper and connect people on a much deeper level. ” It is within collaboration that he has found a rewarding partnership. A relationship both personal and academic has been fostered. Perhaps this is the key to fruitful collaboration.  Please enjoy this final animation that they have created for a proposal for a research center in Berlin after a crash course in learning the twists and turns of a 4-dimensional presentation.


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