Contributor: Valdemar Leisner

Creative Discipline: Fine Art Photography

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


“Art is for me simply a tool to gain understanding of our surroundings and renew our view on life. Simple, but invaluable.”

Valdemar Leisner now finds himself back in his Danish homeland, having recently spent time in Kenya as part of a danish film crew. He is part of The Glasgow Collective and is the honourable owner of The Chairman’s Medal, awarded to him at his recent graduation from The Glasgow School of Art. This post involves a variety of works, aiming to reflect the dynamic nature of Valdemar’s practice.

Artist Statement – Valdemar Cold Winge Leisner

I believe much art derives from unfulfillable longing. Longing towards true and strong emotions, which in their nature are fleeing, but also longing towards understanding of ideas and structures, which we can never quite grasp. The intangibility of such things is partly what makes them so attractive. I believe that much art is created as an indirect attempt to understand and collect these fleeing things. An attempt to exist in them, to hold them. Art is a method of translating ideas and emotions via objects and images. Art is rarely about objects in them selves, but about the line of thought they trigger.

In my own practice I strive to be honest and work with things that I find to be essential in life.These can be things that I love, find truly horrifying or just find humorous. To break it down I am interested in the most basic human emotions, such as love, fear, hope and longing, in all their variations.

Some of my work is produced in a matter of minutes and reflects this impulsiveness. Other work is much longer on its way and carries a different kind of weight. My work has many different faces and different ways of communicating, but essentially I want them to speak about the same things. The works might look different, but derives from the same starting point.

Art is for me simply a tool to gain understanding of our surroundings and renew our view on life. Simple, but invaluable.

Studio View

Pens and Plasticine


Studio View

Acrylic on Paper

Sunlight and Bulb


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