Contributor: Michael Dolatowski

Creative Discipline: Photography, Architecture

Location: Brooklyn, NY


Mike is from Burlington, Wisconsin population roughly 10,000. He has lived in the same 1ooyr. old house since he was born. Mike moved to Brooklyn for school where he has been residing for about 4 years now. He was actually one of the first people I met in college. He has an eye for what looks good and has creativity spilling out of his…

OM: What inspires you?

MD: I always seem to find inspiration when I am challenged.   There is always beauty in a struggle.  I truly feel that when I’m outside of my comfort zone; confronted by new ideas, new peoples, and new places I’m at my most creative.  There is nothing like traveling.  You never know where you’re coming from until you’ve left. Crossing cultures and gaining a global perspective is paramount.   I spent a day this summer visiting with a family in Cambodia, and experiencing that culture first hand – that was a life changing experience.  I began to understand preciousness of life and the importance of social awareness.  Truly an inspiring experience.

family in Cambodia

house in Cambodia

OM: What have you been up to lately?
MD: Currently I’m working on earning my BArch at Pratt Institute.  Learning to share my ideas with not only my peers but the world.  Outside of school I have begun working on a photo project that I refer to as my stop motion journal.  My goal is to document my experiences here in Brooklyn and around the world.  It begins to layer moments of time in a way that hopefully blurs the lines between photo and film.  I plan to shoot frequently throughout an entire year that will take me through at least three continents, spending time in different cultures, meeting new people and bringing them together through my lens.

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