Contributor: James Freeman

Creative Discipline: Architecture, Music

Location: Brooklyn, NY


James is a musician who is pursuing a degree in architecture. He attended the University of Hartford where he studied Film and Architecture for several years prior to making his way to New York.  He has since focused solely on pursuing architecture within the confides of academia. While music is not what James goes to school for he allows it to influence his everyday. James has an amazing connection with his work which speaks to his passionate approach to things.

OM: What inspires you?

JF: My Inspiration lies in the following…

-Flapping Shades in My Door
-Rubber Soles Tapping on Wood Floor-
The City Waking Up/Falling Asleep
-Joe at the Lorimer Stop
-Trace Paper Being Torn with a Straight Edge
-The Metal Shop
-Fallen Leaves
-Tuned Water Glasses
-Express Subway Trains when on A Local Stop
-Other Languages (with a few exceptions)
-Shoes Soles Running Down Rocky Mountains


-Unexpected Change

-Skyline Views from Rooftops

-Misted Lights From StreetCorners

-My Friends Work and Smiles

-This Website

-Dirty Hands and Feet

-Deliberately Framed Views

-“Music For Piano and Winds”-Leon Schidlowsky


-Poetry (Katie Przybylski-Walt and Judas Love Song, CK Williams-Halves, TheGivingTree-FallingUp, Sharon Clark)

-Lyrics (Tame-Pixies, Best Of Jill Hives- Guided By Voices, So Fast- Julie Dorion)

-Short Stories (At Night-Christian E. Christiansen, Tanghi Argentini-Geert Verbank)

-Books (Dharma Bums-Jack Kerouac, TSZ-Nietzsche, The Society of the Spectacle-Guy Debord, The Eyes of the Skin- Juhani Pallasmaa)


-Old Metal Door Latch-Hair-All Kinds Of Textures-A Lover’s Skin-Vacumm Vibrations

OM: What have you been up to lately?
JF: Right now I am in a studio which is exploring the ways in which we create.
Its goal is to create an architecture which can capture the ecstatic which is ever present in music into architecture.
Its a very intuitive process, one which is up to the mind and hand.
The song I decided to interpret is Letztes Biest (Am Himmel) by Einstürzende Neubauten (Post War Buildings are Collapsing)
In 1986 they were featured in a visual documentary called “1/2 Mensch”
Creation of Music through destruction and reassemblage of buildings, are often used more than typical instruments
The drawing became a investigation of the realtionships of instruments, their affect and effect on one another
and their inherent qualities a bit more subjective to my own mind.
A given ground plane in understood by the subject, a game which requires discovery of choice within, a carving destruction of
the ground plane, after discovering this opening the music and performance is then found.
(some other ideas are still in development, cryptic in the way that it is ever changing. An important thing to the process
is to be unable to predetermine the outcome in every instance)
I guess that’s it….if you made it this far or skipped some anyway, thanks for reading

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