Contributor: Sasha Grishina

Creative Discipline: Architecture

Location: Brooklyn, NY


Sasha is currently attending Pratt Institute where she is pursuing her Bachelors in Architecture.

OM: What inspires you?

SG: Honestly, I am inspired by very random things such as a shoelace pattern, graphic design images from a magazine, or just hallucinations late at night. Sure, I do have my weird selection of favorite architects and design styles (Hani Rashid, Alvar Aalto, and Art Nouveau, for instance) but I constantly derive ideas at the most unexpected times.


Asymptote Architecture PLLC, Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture (New York, USA)


Alvar Aalto, Riola Parish Church

OM: What have you been up to lately?

SG: I just came back from a week-long studio trip to Berlin, Germany, where we not only visited our site (in Potsdam) but immersed ourselves in exploring all the wonderful architecture and culture (or at least what we can be packed into 6 days). I am in a very technology-driven studio which focuses on parametric design using various computer applications such as Grasshopper, Maya, Rhino, etc, in parallel. We are also working with nanotechnology to research and analyze micro-organisms and materials, looking at their internal arrangements and characteristics, and extracting specific behaviors we find interesting (to later apply to our architectural designs). During the first month of studio, I worked on researching a prominent building on our site and developed a design language for a module that will later perform as a structural element and/or skin on my building, and designed a protoform from which I will derive a coherrent, proportional arrangement of spaces to bring into the final building scheme.

During the last week, we got a chance to visit the Libeskind Jewish Museum, Mies’ Nationalgalerie, Scharoun’s and Schinkel’s amazing buildings, the Reichstag and Holocaust memorial, to name few. We met with ecology researchers and leaders in the sustainability field to discuss the past and future of sustainable design. In the evenings (and nights, of course) we hit all or most of the prominent entertainment areas of the city, and needless to say, had a general life-altering experience. (If you haven’t yet visited Berlin, you have to go as soon as you get a chance!)

Now it’s back to hard-core work and catching up for the last week of classes.


Sasha Grishina, Geometry Study


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